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March 29, 2016

Q&A with new executive chef Damon Georgiou

We are delighted to welcome new Executive Chef Damon Georgiou to Pullman Bunker Bay Resort. With a strong passion for letting local produce shine, we can't wait for a taste of the new seasonal menus that are on the way... but in the meantime read on for a hint of what's to come!

Welcome to the Margaret River Region Chef Georgiou! How are you settling in?
My fiancé and I are settling well, it’s very different but change is good... we’ll just have to get used to the weather and we can’t wait for our dog Boss to arrive.

Do you have a favourite cuisine or food region from your travels? What regions have influenced your style of cooking?
I love Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods where a natural fusion of cuisines has happened over centuries, I also love Thai but I’ll leave that to the street vendors as they do it best.

Who or what inspired your love of food and your career path as a chef? 
We always had good food in the house and at family events as we are a very multicultural group - my mum is South African and my dad is Greek Cypriot. My love of food came from the family but my love of cooking is from my first head chef Frank who really just lived and breathed cooking.

From all the chefs you have worked and trained with during your career, who has inspired you the most?
To be honest, my most recent inspiration has come from my sous chefs and junior chefs in my team at Mercure Townsville. So many different cultures, personalities and ideas you can’t help but absorb that knowledge. I really miss them.

How would you describe your cooking style? Do you have a food ‘motto’ that you live by?
Rustic and tasty, I don’t like to over complicate good produce. My food motto is always “setting new standards” because every chef should want to raise the bar and push the boundaries of what we can do. But more important is my team motto which is “one team one dream” and because working in a hotel or restaurant, we all have the same goal… happy customers!

What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without?
Anything with a punch, garlic, cardamom, sage, chilli, good olive oils.

Since your move ‘down south’ what favourite local products are your favourites so far?
Local heirloom tomatoes and Margaret River venison chorizo are definitely going to be up there.

We can’t wait to see what menu changes you have in store… what local ingredients can guests expect to find on the autumn/winter menus?
I think Harvey beef and Margaret River venison will play a big part, with a more rustic, home-style feel.

Has there ever been an ingredient that you weren't able to master?
Not really, every chef has his strengths and weaknesses but I’ll never give up on an ingredient.

What's your most memorable meal and what made it so special?
I’ve eaten a lot over the years so there’s a fair few to choose from, but my most recent memorable meal was the last dish one of my chef de parties Shane Marcus cooked for me at Mercure Townsville - crispy skin barramundi with a summer tomato bouillabaisse parmesan, red pepper bread croute and grilled asparagus. Simple but delicious!

Keen to taste Chef Georgiou's latest dishes? Click here to discover more about the dining options available at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort. 

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