Creek Broome Art at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort

Artist Playground by Pullman

Pullman is not just a place to sleep, eat and plug in. Discover a stimulating and inspiring environment with our latest Artist Playground by Pullman art exhibitions. 


Pullman, the cosmopolitan brand of Accor, reaffirms its commitment to contemporary art with Artist Playground by Pullman. Showcasing a wealth of imagination, creativity and talent, this initiative allows both established and emerging artists to exhibit their works in art corners in Pullman hotels worldwide. The ‘Artist Playground’ reinvents the hotel as an art gallery, bringing cultural intrigue and visual ingenuity to communal spaces.

At Pullman Bunker Bay Resort, Artist Playground is brought to life through permanent art zones around the resort which blend elements of local interest, cultural intrigue and visual ingenuity.

All Artist Playground exhibitions are free for local residents and resort guess to experience. Join us for a relaxing breakfast or lunch and soak up the stunning vistas of Bunker Bay, surrounded by innovative works of art. No prior reservations are required.


Located around Pullman's ocean-view bar and bistro, Martine Perret's aerial photography has a 'Best of Western Australia' theme, showcasing wonderfully distinct images from each of the regions she has worked in.

Martine Perret became interested in aerial photography while working as a UN photographer covering peacekeeping missions in conflict zones such as Burundi, the Democratic Republic of The Congo and most recently in South Sudan and West Africa documenting the Ebola crisis response.

"As a peacekeeping photographer I had flown almost weekly on UN helicopters on missions to remote places. I had learnt there was no better way of getting an understanding of unfamiliar terrain than to see it from above."

A series of helicopter photography flights over the Margaret River region led to the publication of her first book, From Above. Her latest book, Beyond, goes further afield to explore the Goldfields-Esperance, Gascoyne, Mid West and Kimberley regions from the air.

"No matter how many times I would study the internet maps of these regions to prepare for my photography flights, nothing would match the beauty of what I could see with my own eyes,'' says Martine.

"By varying my flying altitude at different times of day, and playing with the sun's angle I could capture striking colours and highlight unusual shapes and patterns."

Her images show the tidal mud flats of Derby as great snaking branches and intricate tendrils, and the vast swathes of seagrass beds of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area Marine Park.

"This ancient tableau of land, sea and sky has been forming for millions of years, in this extraordinary corner of the world. "I am truly lucky to call Western Australia home. I hope you enjoy this visual journey above this very special place,'' says Martine.

"Martine Perret has framed a fraction of Western Australia’s breathtaking landscapes from above and captured what is profoundly magical and timeless about this land." - Paola Anselmi, Curator & Arts Writer

Martine is represented by Margaret River Gallery. Learn more at


Located around the resort's reception and Sugarloaf room, Ann Steer's beach and coast-focussed masterpieces are sure to set the tone for your South West adventure.

Ann Steer is a professional artist who capture the beautiful moments seen and experienced on our West Coast beaches.

Using pastel or acrylic as her mediums of choice, Ann’s ultimate goal is to produce paintings that make people stop, pause and escape for a moment, maybe capturing a memory, or just enjoying the beauty in front of them.

Light plays such a big part in her painting process. Ann especially loves that time on the beach when the day is starting to cool, the shadows are creeping past the sand dunes, changing from hues of pinks to purple and blue as the sun sets and you can contemplate the wonderful day that has been had.

“The ocean holds a deep interest for me," Ann said. 

"it is a fascinating magical beauty. It is a constantly changing mood board, one day dynamic, grey, angry and the next playful, vibrant and blue."

"I am drawn to the rhythmic rolling of the waves, the gravitational pull of the tide spilling unique lacework patterns upon the shore, leaving behind hues of lavender blue on the wet sand. Watching the reflections and light glinting on the shore as the sun sets, the colours changing marking the end of the day."

Ann has been sharing her knowledge by teaching art both locally, interstate and overseas. She strongly encourages people to view images and translate what they see in their own special way.

Learn more at

Creek Broome Art at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
Close up of Derek Glaskin Art at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
Derek Glaskin Art at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
Derek Glaskin Art at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
Close up of the Painter at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
Derek Glaskin Art at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
Derek Glaskin Art at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
Derek Glaskin Art at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
Girl smiling while posing at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
Landscape view of the Beach at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
Guests at an event held at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort
Landscape view of the Beach at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort