Enjoy the best Margaret River activities & attractions

If you are visiting Pullman Bunker Bay Resort near Dunsborough be sure to check out the interesting events and activities taking place at the resort and in the region during your stay. Margaret River activities include complimentary yoga classes, wine tastings, art exhibitions and more. For more local events and ideas on things to do in Margaret River, see and taste, visit www.margaretriver.com
For more information on any of the activities and events listed here, please call +61 8 9756 9100.

Explore more with Pullman

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to local treats here in the Margaret River Region. So we’ve given you a guide to make sure you get the best on offer.

Because our guests want more than a fluffy robe and room service, we handpicked a team of experts to show you the ultimate experiences around our resort. We call this our playground. 

Taste wine, freshly baked bread, ale, coffee, and more, much of it produced here in Margaret River. Whatever you choose, you can explore more with Pullman. 

Start exploring our local favourites ahead of your stay at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort, or make a different selection to uncover other vibrant Pullman destinations across Australia.