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July 19, 2018

Q&A with Pullman Executive Chef Gilles England-Brassy

Heading up the team at Other Side of the Moon Restaurant, we invite you to get to know Pullman Bunker Bay Resort's talented Executive Chef, Gilles England-Brassy... including his driving inspirations, culinary style and more!


Who or what inspired your love of food and your career path as a chef?
At a young age I kind of realised that if you can wine and dine a lady, life is a lot easier!

Where have you worked in the past? Any memorable highlights?
I was lucky to find some work in very good restaurants - Guy Savoy 2 Michelin Stars, Jacques Cagna 2 Michelin stars - in my short spell in Paris. Those kind of places are for any young chef the “Temples of the gods”, so I was extremely lucky.

From all the chefs you have worked and trained with during your career, who has inspired you the most?See above plus others that you meet here and there, recently I was lucky to work alongside Grant Murray who actually gave me the gig here as his Sous-Chef, and now I am working with an extraordinary pastry chef, Romain Lassialle. Love the guy, love his work - amazing!

How would you describe your cooking style? Do you have a food ‘motto’ that you live by?
My motto is: respect of the food, respect of the season My style of cooking, no comment - come and find out for yourself!

Do you have a favourite cuisine? What has influenced your style of cooking?
My favourites are full of cream and butter, but I think we need to be aware of trends, style and presentation and embrace new ways of cooking. However, to pin point my own style… think flavours, a great respect of the produce, and the love of pleasing others, seeing a face lighting up and enjoying it. This is my style of cooking, this is what I love, this is me.

What process do you go through when crafting a new dish? Where do you pull inspiration from?Knowledge… a flash of ideas - it depends - sometimes I even dream of the dish before creating it!

What are your essential ingredients, the things you couldn’t live without?
I’m not a chef who swears by certain ingredients. If it’s not there I will use something else, use your knowledge…

What local products/produce are your favourites?
In the Margaret River Region and Western Australia there are too many to choose from! It depends on the season, the mood and others factors… my favourites change often!

If you could cook for anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
My wife, who else??!

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